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This report is the result of the survey contained in Out of Bounds – Asylum Seekers and Refugees in Italy: informal settlements and the social excluded. This is the result of constant monitoring carried out in 2016 and as well as the analysis carried out and our projects and collaboration with a dense network of local associations.

Neglected Traumas

The numerous humanitarian crises of recent years, the persistence of war, and the systematic violation of human rights in many countries force millions of people to flee by taking often very dangerous journeys. According to UNHCR data, more than 60 million people are fleeing the world today.

Border controls. Border controls

The guideline for border controls—Controls at the Border—was designed and developed as a tool for health care professionals, health authorities and stakeholders participating in the system of assistance and reception of migrants and applicants for international protection, from time of their arrival and until they reach the centers.