Our activity is carried out in the framework of a program called “Frontier Health” addressing the structural phenomenon of migration. We base our action on the consideration that Europe is often unprepared to manage the phenomenon and provide social and health services adequate to the presence of different worlds. cultures, beliefs, and local contexts.

Our activity is therefore focused on a culture of immigration aimed at ensuring the mental and physical health and well-being of both the host communities and the new-comers themselves.

Our efforts are centered on ensuring the dignified inclusion of anyone living in the country, first of all because this is beneficial for all the communities that welcome immigrants. The process starts from the need for knowledge and contact and also requires the delivery of services, such as medical and healthcare services, that provide respect for the individual rights of all and create a spirit of mutual acceptance, constructive exchange, enrichment of values and acceptance.

Providing adequate services can indeed contribute to improving understanding, respect and integration among the diverse groups that are part of our everyday life.


Inspired by the compelling profile of social commitment emerging from a survey of young Italian doctors, whose results can be seen here, we outlined a new project known as Frontier Health. Our action research was then moved to the field to create a constant presence of doctors and health workers in lands with major migratory phenomena.