International Health Observatory Onlus (Osservatorio Internazionale per la Salute Onlus – OIS)

OIS is a non-profit, non-denominational and non-political association, dedicated to promoting a proper lifestyle for the daily well-being of Italian and foreign citizens, with an eye always focused on the main socio-cultural changes taking place.

OIS pays constant and careful attention to institutions, doctors and their associations, to citizens and other sector organizations. In addition to research and action, OIS strives to provide Institutions with up-to-date information and data to enable them make the best decisions.

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Rigorous analysis
to understand the world correctly

We design each study together with the client, understanding their needs and establishing together the scientific criteria that will guide the survey. We use qualitative and quantitative approaches to design, collect, process and analyze data.

Qualitative analysis allows investigation of complex phenomena in depth through multidisciplinary approaches, using cognitive and creative techniques and multiple detection tools selected on the basis of their ability to grasp the most significant characteristics of the study object.

Quantitative analysis is based on the application of statistical methods and allows the processing of very large quantities of analysis units and variables connected to them through the construction of representative samples and the administration of questionnaires.

Inspired by the strong profile of social commitment seen in a survey of young Italian doctors, the results of which can be seen here, we have outlined our new project, Frontier Health. The action-survey was continued in the field to establish a constant presence of doctors and health workers in those lands where migratory phenomena are more important.